What it do fam.  This site is about how the hood, the street does things.  You don’t go to bally’s to get fit.  Actually this site will show you that you do not need anything but your mind right to get fit.  I got your street workout, hood workout, prison workout, everything.

 Whether you want to gain weight, lose weight, put on muscle, whatever, you can do it right now.  This site will mostly concentrate on the workout.  There will be some diet worked in here and there, but do not depend on it. 

 We will even through in some parkour so you can see what it really do.  Basically this site is here to motivate you to do it.  Do not talk about it, be about it.  The only reason you will fail, is because of you…  So check out the videos and do what it do. 

 If you got any questions comment them joints.  This place is updated 5-7 times a week, basically daily except on the weekend.  I try to stay unplugged on the weekend.  Get involved, ask questions and try out some of the workout.