Local Mud Run

Here is a video of a local mud run in the North Carolina area. The group that this video features is from G.I. Gym. G.I. Gym does a bootcamp workout that appears to have worked. They had the top finisher over all and 4 of the ladies finished in the top 20 for women.

A good thing about this gym (and some of the crossfit style gyms) is that you have an instructor and you get an intense workout. The intensity is very difficult to reproduce on your own. Another good thing is the motivational atmosphere of working out with a good group at varying fitness levels with similar fitness goals. If you are in the NC area, check out the gym, it will definitely humble you, no matter what your fitness level. Your workout could be a day full of burpees and laps, to a trx workout, punching bags, sandbags, kettle bells, box jumps, ropes, etc…

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