Weighted Pushups

So what it do? I was doing some pushups the other day and nearly broke my back. I generally do 40-50 pushups at a time. I figured I would try and do some weighted pushups. I generally do 30 pounds weighted pushups and do sets of 20.

This weekend I did 2 set of 5 pushups with 100 pounds. I had no problem doing it, but the next morning I was feeling it. I didn’t realize how much my abs were putting in work. It has taken 3 days to recover. My problem was that I had the weight too low on my back. It should have been higher up on my shoulder.

I felt the pain the pain the next day and ignored it, actually I did some curls and shoulder presses thinking that I could work through the pain. That was a horrible idea. I hate not working out and feel bad not being able to do work. So I stopped for two days, and only did a lot of walking.

For recovery, what helped the most was a shake. I didn’t do a typical powder protein shake, but rather a peanut butter, banana, milk, ice and oatmeal shake. That helped more than anything, generally I would power up on chicken, but since my abs were hurting so much, it only made things worse eating chicken.

I am not an expert, but will be a bit more careful going forward.

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