Motivational Workout Websites

So here are some of the sites I go to for fitness motivation. 

Crossfit – Great site for those that want a workout.  These workouts are not for the beginners or novice.  These are advanced and powerful workouts.  I might do a series of post on how to get in shape for the workouts that are on crossfit. 

BodyBuiling/BodySpace – Body Building has more info then you could read in a lifetime.  That is the biggest plus and minus about the site.  I ussually check out the headlines on the page (for content) and read the transformations.  Also if I have a specific need, I feel I can trust the content.  BodySpace is what you would call a myspace for fitness.  Seeing ChickenTuna’s photos is always a motivation.  You can create an account and become a part of the site.  You can track stats, give and get advice and also get motivation from the site. 

John Stone Fitness – If you check out the day by day photos of how John lost wieght, you will be extremely motivated and want to check out his daily blog.  He has been at it for a while and has quality on his site.  He lifts weights and I am more into bodyweight workouts, but the motivation from his site is there.  He is also from what I can see a down to earth guy that participates in his site. 

Straight to the Bar – They have some really great strength, motivation, fitness, workout, diy, hard, etc… content.  I have really enjoyed the site thus far.  I am new to it, and hope that it continues to provide great content. 

Gym Jones – If you have never been to this site, set aside some time before you peak.  This schedule on this site is deep and can keep you hours.  The other links off the main site are also great.  The only dynamic content from what I can tell is the schedule.  I check it maybe once a week to get motivation.  The guys from 300 trained with the Gym Jones guys, that is how I found the site.  They do workouts similiar to the crossfit workouts.   

I do not have any sites for MMA, but enjoy watching fights on SpikeTV or VS. or wherever they are shown.  The shape those guys get in is amazing.  I get the videos for this site mostly from YouTube searching.  YouTube can turn up some decent motivations. 

I also follow the sites listed above to other websites.  I haven’t bookmarked any of those yet though…  The ones above are what I am following now, if any others come to mind I will post them. 


What are some of the sites you visit? 

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