Hood Workout Opposite

What would you define as the opposite of a hood workout?  I am not exactly sure but having a 41 year old white lady swimming, would come close.  Dara Torres is a beast though and her story is mad motivational.  She is blowing up records at 41 after having a kid.  She is competing in her 5th olympics.  This video from ESPN gives the highlights.  I don’t want to say if she can do it any one can, becuase she is a world class athelete, but if at 41 she can blow away the competition, the least you can do is drop and do a couple burpees a day. 

She works out less now than she did previously though she still does mad working out. Her fitness starts in the kitchen as it should for anyone. She concentrates on form vs. weight, and she recovers as quickly as possible. Her physic and accomplishments are extremely motivational.

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    Hood Workout Opposite : Hood Workout…

    Dara Torres deserves all and more recognition for what she has been able to accomplish. This post highlights some of what she has been able to do this past year at 41 with a kid in the olympics….

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