Official: you don’t need a gym

It is official, the guys at Park Warriorhave made it official.  You don’t need a gym.  Here is a list of exercises performed in this video. 

Swing sets, pole climb, crujo, box jumps, kong jump, fence jump, table press, incline press, decline press, leg press, back extension, seesaw pulls, seesaw shrugs, rollercoaster pushups, seesaw leg presses, tricep pushdowns, kettle lift, seesaw pushup, dips, leg lifts, tv, inverted pull, the ultimate, seesaw plank, inverted seesaw row, chinups, pullups, negative pullups, soilder pullup, and I am sure I missed a few.

This is a sick workout and can be a part of your total workout if not everything.  I saw this video over at streetworkout.  Your only excuse is rain, but then again that isn’t a real excuse as burpees can be done anywhere…

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