Burpies and UFC

First off, I call them burpees.  But we can do burpies in from this video.  This is the basic burpee that can be done in the hall of a house.  After that he does what he is calling the UFC.  Bascially it looks like a dumbell lawnmower pull into a shoulder press (one arm at a time).  I might have to try that out and see if I can integrate that into my dumbell workouts.  Like it has been said before, you can do these workouts in your kitchen or in the hall.  You just gots to do them.

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  1. boxing fight Says:

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  2. Willy Rosebrough Says:

    I’m still kind of pissed that Rampage couldn’t beat Evans, but UFC 115 is filled to the brim with a whole lot of the exciting fights that MMA is known for.

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