These dudes put together a decent playground workout.  Some of the highlights are on the dip and pullup bars.  The manup pullups are an amazing workout.  The handstand pushups on the dip bars are sick.  This video is mostly advanced but shows form and definitely gives crazy motivation.  And like I generally say, you can do this anywhere, no gym needed.  The body can do amazing things you just have to push it in that direction.

On a personal note.  I weighed in below 250 today for the first time in a long time.  I am going to try to keep the momentum going down.  I have a nightly weight I like to see and a morning weight.  If I don’t like what I am looking like in the morning or evening I will adjust based on those.  Many people advise against this because of a balance in your body and they say that you should only weigh once a week or with inches.  I use my method because they work for me. I get instant feedback and can set daily goals… Once I get where I want to be I can change to the weekly thing.

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