Pushup and Core Workout

Straight from the youtube site of GeoffCraft,

30 pushups elbows in
30 pushups elbows out
25 pushups hands by hips
15 scoop (dive bomber) pushups
10 fully extended pushups
20 hop switch pushups
5 hop fly pushups
10 deep press planche pushups (5 w/shoes)
50 lemon-squeezer/V-ups (cut some for video length)
10 planche pushups
10 burpee back tucks (i lost count)
90 second hollow hold (30 sec scissors in middle)
20 heel drivers
10 candlestick presses, 10 pike push candlesticks, 5 candlestick presses
3 planches (cut some for video length)
20 oblique bridges left and right

A pretty nice workout.  I had posted the 10 burpee backflips earlier, here is more of the workout. 

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