Parkour Vs. Tricking

Where I am from, there is no parkour.  There is however tricking and it does not relate to parkout.  There might be some good workouts in tricking but it generally involves a chick and cash.  Anyhow, the word tricking is probably better then parkour for the sport, but with such a negative connotation I will stick with parkour.  And here is some of the best of parkour videos.  This video includes clips from Dvinsk Clan, Tye Hill, J-Flip, John, Chris Muniz, Tony Jaa and others.  Dvinsk Clan did the “Russian Climbing” video that blew the web up a year ago.  These clips include gymnastics, martial arts and parkour. Pass this one along to your friends.

I am going to try and avoid a lot of food today.  We will see how that goes.  I generally can do okay at cook outs, but if the food looks too good, I might get caught eating too much.  I just did 10 burpees and 30 pushups as a finisher.  I want to get my burpee count up a bit.  I am going to have to start doing the workouts a bit more strategically though.  I can do 40 pushups at any time.  I can not however just do the burpees, I need somewhat flexible/comfortable clothing.  So I will have to start that routine soon…  I am not as good as Tony Jaa where I can just bust out moves in a wife beater and blue jeans.

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