The real motivation

This video is a bit different from the norm…  We try to publish videos that motivate health.  Thus far these videos have been fitness videos.  There are many reasons though that people try to get in shape.  Health and attractiveness are probably the largest two reasons. 

While the opposite sex might be interested in your money and personality, the body is a key factor as well.  So check out the reason why some of you are working out (and get motivated today).  Ladies if you are reading this, check out the archives, almost all the other videos are of males…

I am feeling pretty good today.  I was able to bang out 120 pushups on Friday (even though I need to keep bumping that number up).  I started off good yesterday, knocked out 20 pushups, then had 25 pounds added to the mix and just really got sore.  I can do weighted pushups but I do not generally try to do them after a long set with no break.  Today I have done 30 pushups and 2 sets of curls into shoulder presses at 35 #’s.  I am going to go ahead and do 10 burpees real quick as I post this.  I recommend everyone do 10 with me to feel good. 

 Update: Knocked out 25 burpees 10-5-10, then did another 30 pushups.  Feeling good. 

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