Hood Workout

Check ya boys out.  Drop them a comment here or on youtube if you want as well.  These are some more advanced workouts that require nothing but a basic park, and a bit of strength.  This includes headstand pushups, walking down stairs on the hands, pullups into tricep pushups on the bar, and various other things mixed in.  Great video for that motivation. 

5 Responses to “Hood Workout”

  1. ruben Says:

    i am fucking good…

  2. ruben Says:

    come on show some love da kid when from youtube to hood workout that is hot..

  3. LeGo Says:

    Went ahead and posted the Motivation video you have. It is on the front page for a minute.

  4. Motivation : Hood Workout Says:

    […] I got some comments from Ruben yesterday related to this post.  So I went back and found a video from the same youtube user bboyhex726.  This is pretty […]

  5. ruben Says:

    you did not get no comments from me yesterday this is ruben aka bboyex726 from youtube

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