Bench Press with Chain

Bench pressing with a chain seems like a joke the first time you see it.  Then you start thinking about it and it is kind of impressive.  The basic of the activity is that you set up your normal bench, then have chains hang from either side of the bar.  The chains can vary in weight (20-75 pounds ussually).   

“The chain offers variable resistance by de-loading the weight in the eccentric phase and loading weight during the concentric phase. This is beneficial because, as the lifters biomechanical advantage decreases, so does the load. On the other hand, as the biomechanical advantage increases at the top, so does the load. This aids in bar speed and force development while minimizing joint stress and muscle soreness. Additionally, the chains force the stabilizers to be worked to a greater degree. ” from Curtis Schultz at…

This will probably be seen more in your non typical gyms. Not your Bally gym workout.

4 Responses to “Bench Press with Chain”

  1. Living Off Dividends Says:

    thats frickin brilliant!

  2. PimpZ Says:

    I had done these back in the day by accident. Definitely a workout. Peoples use the resistance bands at the gym now, not as hood.

  3. Mathew Says:

    When I first read it, I thought it was a joke . . took me a minute to see the genius of it :O)

  4. LeGo Says:

    This is good for the up. The weight gets lighter though as it goes down, so it is not as good for resistance training, but a decent workout.

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