UFC Kimbo Slice

Well, street fighting legend Kimbo has moved a bit up the ladder.  6’2″ 235 pound Kimbo manages to take down Tank Abbot in a short amount of time.  The street is nothing to be messed with.  Kimbo appears to be working on his overall game quite a bit, not that he really needed it in this fight.  Anyhow peep the video and check out the other Kimbo videos if you have been living in a cave the past century.


I am not sure this video I was not sure how long this video would last on YouTube, and it died pretty quickly after the post.  So just to recap, they start fighting, Kimbo starts out very aggresively, he lands a punch and Tank falls towards Kimbo, Kimbo gets called for a hit to the back of the head of Tank.  So Kimbo begins to be a bit more relaxed in his fighting.  He seems to counter everything Tank does with solid connections.  He connects on multiple occasions until Tank is lying on the mat.  All of this took around 60 seconds. 

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  1. LeGo Says:

    Looks like Shamrock, if Shamrock can win his next fight. It will probably be on CBS… CBS will be showing a few fights on network TV.

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