Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs Prison Workout

In case you were lost yesterday with the freestyle burpee workout, let us back it up a bit. Here is Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs giving a break down of the basic burpee. This is a squat, lunge, pushup, leep or your basic prison workout. If you are not big enough for the yard gym, this is how you come home ripped. Notice the full body workout without the gym.

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  1. 6 Steps for Losing Weight at a Convention | Fat Man Unleashed dot com Says:

    […] a reader of Fat Man Unleashed, posted a video of with Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs fame performing burpees. I did these in the military and they kick your butt. There are several variations of the burrpee. […]

  2. Ninja Man : Hood Workout Says:

    […] if you are reading this, I did not forget about you.  I am going to pump out ten normal Burpees right quick.  Do the same if you do not mind.  Will post a challenge each day.  Post if you do […]

  3. mickey Says:

    man i used to 113 straight non-stop. its a county jail workout.

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